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RES Express Course

(Updated With REVISED Examination Syllabus) 

– Complete In Just 9 days!

With proven track record of helping RES trainees pass the RES examination in their first sitting PLUS continual support towards their Real Estate business success, LMA is the choice CEA Approved Course Provider for you.

Want to pass your RES Exam fast and effectively? Here's how we ensure results...

"Just a little personal thank you note to all LMA lecturers for their dedication, care, excellent study tips and good advices plus the many practice papers available during my RES studies with Batch 0713D..."

Monica Goh, RES Graduate Aug/Sep 2013


"Dear Ken (Principal Trainer), 

Thanks for the good teaching of school, I took the exam in July and I passed;-) I am so happy to share the good news with you and greatly appreciate your encouragement and support!My best wishes to you for professional and personal happiness."

 Becky Ghong, RES Graduate Mar 2013


RES schedule can be downloaded below.

Your Real Estate Success Begins Here

Dear Friends,

Welcome to Life Mastery Academy (LMA), an Approved Course Provider (ACP) by the Council For Estate Agencies (CEA) for the compulsory Real Estate Salesperson (RES) course and Continuous Professional Development (CPD) courses.

As an ACP, we ensure a high quality of work in our training programs and materials. For aspiring RES trainees, we provide all the necessary support/resources to help you pass the compulsory RES examination in the first sitting. For practicing and busy RES, our training programs are designed to give you the “G”s of the topic in a fun and engaging manner.

And very importantly, all our training programs are carefully crafted to give you the necessary Knowledge, Skills, Attitude and Habits so that you can succeed in the Real Estate Industry faster.

Below is a summary of how we help you succeed in your Personal, Professional and Wealth development.


Personal Development

Possibly the only real estate training center in Singapore that focuses 75% of our training programs in the area of personal development and helping individuals tap into the inborn strengths and positive traits for excellence in life. If you are using the gifts that you are born with, success comes naturally and easier. Find out more about our programs:

Inborn Personality Profiling and Coaching

Most comprehensive profiling that will map out “Who You Are”

Warrior Program

Designed to help individuals reach peak performance and height self-esteem for success. Trainees will also complete the training program with at least 30 fresh leads – Guaranteed!


Professional Development 

Real Estate Salesperson (RES) course 

  Since Feb 2011 and over 1000 students trained

As an Approved Course Provider (ACP) by the Council For Estate Agencies, LMA prides ourselves as the only ACP in Singapore to incorporate Accelerated Learning Technology, Practical Experience and Examination techniques to helping our RES trainees pass the RES examination in their first sitting. Upon completion of the RES course, you will be guided on how to prepare and pass your exam with just 2 weeks’ of preparations/revisions using our proven method. Updated with the NEW RES Examination Syllabus, we are even more confident to helping you pass effectively by zeroing on the KEY areas to study.

"Dear all, especially Ken.  I would like to say a big thank you for all the great job done for the course & revision! I had also strongly recomended your centre to a friend. Majority of the focus areas mentioned during revision/class were tested. If only I had more time for revision, i would surely be the national champion with 100% :) I personally like the schedule of Monday/Wed/Fri whole day, and the flexibility to attend make up lessons in the evening."

Elizabeth Tang, RES Graduate 2012

Click here for RES course details and schedule

NTUC Union Members are eligible for rebate from UTAP fund for the RES Examination. More information at


Continuous Professional Development (CPD) 

We understand your difficulty to having to take time out of your busy schedule to attend training programs. We also know that you want to make full use of your time during training to optimize your returns. Which is why, all our CPD training programs are conducted in a fun and engaging way so that you are able to learn the necessary and important lessons while enjoying yourself. Our CPD Core Credit courses are also a great way for you to meet with people from various Agencies and create a trusted and reliable network with your peers. LMA now has 13 exciting courses for you to choose from. Kindly register early to avoid disappointment in our recommended courses.

  1. Recommended - Understanding EC Transaction and Process
  2. High Recommended - Comprehensive Understanding Of PDPA and DNC Registry
  3. Providing Professional Services to Clients in Accordance with Professional Service Manual Part 1 and Part 2 (Total 4 CPD Credits)
  4. Understanding Ethical Advertising in Accordance to Regulations(Updated with PSM) 
  5. Understanding Legal Liabilitities Of Real Estate Agents(Updated with PSM) 
  6. Understanding Dual Representation and Estate Agents Act  
  7. Understanding HDB Policies, Schemes and Public Housing Financing  
  8. Understanding CEA’s Dispute Resolution Schemes  
  9. Understanding CEA’s Prescribed Estate Agency Agreement 
  10. Understanding Landed Properties And Bungalows 
  11. Understanding Seller Stamp Duty And Buyer Stamp Duty (Including ABSD) 
  12. How The Law Of Society COS 2012 Affect You  
  13. Understanding The Effects Of Title & Legal Searches


Commercial Mastery Program

- Jumpstart your Commercial Real Estate Business in JUST 30 days!

Singapore’s first commercial/Industrial agents training program which will fully train you on how to start and succeed as a Commercial and Industrial Real Estate professional. Into the first year of our training, our trainees have already achieved great results with the fastest achieving huge success within the first 3 months after graduation (at least $240.000 commission). So, get ready for 5 full days of intensive, powerful and highly applicable training. You can START in the Commercial/Industrial immediately after the training. More information about Commercial Mastery Program can be found here.


Success and Wealth Development

Ultimate Property Workshop

Find out how a Newspaper boy become a Multi-Million dollar property investor and CEO of one of Singapore’s Largest Real Estate companies. Find out also how you can use his exact property investment strategies to help you create your wealth through investing in Singapore HDB flats, Condominium, landed, commercial and industrial properties. If you are Serious about creating your wealth through real estate investment, you must join UPS.


For more information, click : Ultimate Property Workshop.


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RES Course

"Hi Farrah,
   I've received a notification from NTUC learning Hub to check on my result & I...passed the June 12 RES Exam.
Taking this opportunity to thank LMA for providing such a group of magnificent speakers to part, share & advise to us to help us to pass the exam.
   A very special thanks to Ken for the TIPS given during revision session & the additional notes (1,600 MCQs). No doubt we studied/practiced the notes till ours eyes "pop out" but.. worth it. thanks again..Ken.
   Off course not forgetting you two front desk angels for all the helps provided to us during the course.
   Once again thank you & will strongly recommend LMA to my colleagues & others who intend to attend the RES ourses.
Cheers!"                   Bernard NG  

Commercial Mastery Program

“I Closed 80 Commercial Units (earning over $200,000) Within 2 Months After Taking This Course”       Jacqueline Tan 


“As a total newbie in commercial, I closed a unit within 2 months after CMP, earning a commission of $36,000.” Jourdon Soh 


“After the course, I have benefitted from the network that boosted my sales.”                                 Trevor Soon